Ten Sparkling Ways to Embrace Winter

Winter is one of my favourite times of the year (after Summer that is) and especially London-bound. Just the word conjures up images of cosy log fires, bucket loads of red wine, pretty snowflakes, chunky knits and Elf. So whilst thinking about this and pouring over Pinterest’s best chilly snaps, I decided to share all the things (ten to be exact) I plan to do to ensure I’m fully prepared for hibernation once the Christmas holidays set in, that way I can kick back, relax and enjoy. It’s also the perfect time to begin your list making ready for your new and improved self come January 1st!


1. Start organising your Christmas girly gathering

If it’s one thing girls around the world LOVE, it’s an excuse for a glamorous dinner followed by a bit of a party – and a glitteringly good one filled with bubbly… even better! Not only is it the perfect time to whip out those sexy LBD’s, but it also offers up the opportunity to get together with all your girlies far and wide and put aside your busy schedules and coffee cups in exchange for some gossiping, giggles, catching up and general appreciation for those you may not see very often, or have neglected due to the trials and tribulations of every day life – just don’t forget to book early for restaurants as they’re sure to be filling up fast!

Picture 1

2. Dust off your sparkly dresses and party shoes

With winter, comes Christmas, and with Christmas, come invitations to other people’s parties. And you know what that means? It’s time to dust off your glitter ball dress and dancing shoes, and get ready to wow at all the annual shindigs. Also be sure to follow this seasons beauty trends of a deep burgundy lip, minimal eye makeup and a touch of shimmer to the cheek bones; you’ll be the belle of the ball. Pssst, nobody will mind if you even go as far as to treat yourself to a new party frock – why not let ASOS give you a helping hand.


3. Get your Christmas shopping well under way

 It’s always hard to build up the momentum to get cracking with Christmas shopping, if it’s September then it’s far too early, but before you know it, it’s Christmas eve and you’ve forgotten Grandad’s slippers – that’s where list making comes always in handy. Aim to have all your little somethings wrapped and ready for the beginning of December so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the Christmas spirit and dashing’s of carols and mulled wine, without having to battle the hoards of shoppers on Oxford Street.


4. Stand up to Jack Frost

Pop away those last few summer dresses lingering in your wardrobe longing to be worn just one more time – it’s not going to happen! And exchange them for chunky knits, fur-lined booties and toasty snoods to ward off the winter chill while en route to your favourite haunt for a large glass of red wine and a log fire. Just remember that time flies, and promises of summer and flip-flops will be just around the corner in no time at all.


5. Hit all your Christmas deadlines

Ensure you get ahead of all your deadlines in time for the Christmas break, that way when January 1st hits you’ll be raring and ready to go with the lovely fresh notepads and stationary santa brought you and no back log of last years work! If you manage this, you’ll enjoy a Christmas that’s free of niggling thoughts of paperwork, pitches and whatnot – job description dependent of course! With my current workload I know I’ll definitely be ready to pop the champers by the end of the year! Ready-set-GO!


6. Stock up your cupboards

Winter is the season for eating – or so we believe! Everything from roasted chestnuts, cheeses and rich fruitcake to homemade casseroles and of course roast dinners. Head down to Waitrose or M&S for those delightful little extras including amazing deals on the Chrismas prosecco (my favourite), and not forgetting the mandatory mince pies. Or if you’re feeling reeeeaally indulgent then head to Harrods for their exquisite annual Christmas hampers – they don’t disappoint.

Ps. You may also wish to consider donating the scales or popping them on eBay prior to the food gathering!


7. Dig out the decorations

December 1st is nearly here, which can only mean one thing; free rain to make the house as pretty, sparkly and golden as humanly possible. Dig out those baubles, twinkly lights and glitter but don’t even think about putting them on the tree… unless it’s real. It’s not Christmas unless the tree has pine needles dropping everywhere and doesn’t fit through the front door.


8. Persevere with your exercise routine

Winter is NOT the time to get lazy… what with all the tasty treats you’re about to consume! My advice is to find a picture of a role model whose physique you’re inspired by and look at it everyday (in a non-creepy I want my body to look like yours kind of way) to keep you motivated, whether it’s to partake in classes, swimming, running in the great outdoors or active hobbies – trust me, it works, and will keep you from getting those naughty little winter warmers!

And if there’s anyone that’s going to get you off that sofa on those cold, drizzly, dark evenings it’s these ladies and their gruelingly killer pre-show workouts…

2013 Victorias Secret Fashion Show - Runway and Performance.JPEG-01f7c

9. Stock up on good winter reads

It’s inevitable you’ll have a lot of cosy evenings indoors to get through during the long winter months – and there’s guaranteed snow on the way, so house-bound you’ll be. Once you’ve watched copious amounts of Christmas films and completed the all important box sets (Gossip Girl and Downton are top on my list of repeats), it’s time to snuggle up and get stuck into a great page turning read – I’m thinking of starting the magical Harry Potter series all over again. Try Waterstones Bestsellers list – there’s something there for every literary taste.


10. Last but very not least, start thinking about your New Year’s resolutions

It’s nearly that time again, when we all decide we are going to better ourselves, kick habits and start the New Year with all good intentions of less indulgence and more hard work. Make sure though that your list of resolutions only consists of important manageable achievements – if there are too many then you’re less likely to succeed in any of them.  My minimal two for this year, both of which over 12 months (not just January) I like to think I have succeeded in, were the following:

* Travel more

* Care less about what people think & learn to let go of unnecessary anxieties

Most importantly try your best to stick to them and not fall back into your old 2013 ways!


Good luck with your winter prep, I hope these quick tips help you all get inspired!


All images are sourced from pinterest.com or weheartit.com


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