Turkish Delights

Now my idea of a perfect summer is to be able to spend it with my BFF! And because she lives in Dubai, this isn’t always possible. So when her and her family kindly invited me to spend two weeks with them in Turkey this year, I literally leapt at the chance…and fell over!

A week later flights were books and I found myself on a plane to a country I knew next to nothing about – I wasn’t even sure where it was on the map. And my biggest concern was whether my Vodafone Euro traveller price plan would work (turns out it didn’t). Our reunion at the airport having not seen each other for a year was pretty epic, we jumped into each others arms and a few tears of joy were shed! Anyway enough soppiness, now to the fun part.

 I won’t give a day by day account as that would just be a little laborious – so three parts will have to do!

We arrived at their beautiful penthouse condo at ‘Sunshine Apartments’ – it was as delightful as it sounds – settled in and began the holiday by doing absolutely nothing, other than sun-worshipping, eating and catching up on lost sleep – a result of our oh-so-hectic lifestyles. Ah and not forgetting the years worth of gossip we had to fill each other in on over local wine, sensational sunsets and the most delicious food – It was pure, unadulterated  bliss.








Many a day was spent sunning by the pool with a gripping paperback in hand!




See above pic for Jess’s lovely parentals!


Our first proper day off the complex was a trip to the beach.  Now the Turkish beaches aren’t any old. They’re perfectly private little hideaways, if you know where the right ones are. The azure blue lagoons and rocky little paths that lead you there make you feel you’ve been transported far away from the everyday slog back home.




I whiled away the day admiring my heavenly surroundings and contemplating life – sounds deep right?




We also did some mandatory frolicking to secure that all important summer fun shot!








And lastly some girly group posing took place – standard!!

Do excuse the quality of one or two of the pics throughout my Turkey posts – they are sneaked off Miss Jess’s facebook so are pretty low res. But you get the jist!

My last little treat for this post is the on and only authentic Turkish Bath! Which I was told I simply couldn’t miss out.

It was without a doubt the weirdest – but one of the most wonderful  pamper sessions I think I’ve ever had! After five minutes in a steam room (the 4 of us were all together, which makes it all the more amusing) , you lay down on a large heated marble platform and are rubbed, scrubbed and pummled to within an inch of your life – by a half naked Turkish man. He was wearing what appeared to be only a dish cloth around his waist which was a little worrying. This is then followed by the most muscle-melting full body massage… at this stage I just couldn’t stifle the laughter any longer, but had I, I probably could have come out of it a little more dazed. Nevertheless I felt amazing afterwards and my skin resembled the texture of butter!




That’s all for now but Turkey part two will follow soon – I promise!



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