Country Casual: The Mulberry Inn

I know I have absolutely no right to but have been feeling a little bit down recently due to various elements of my life that have been niggling away at me, so on Tuesday eve after a day of getting things off my chest and spending the day snoozing in the sunshine, I was treated to a gorgeous evening at the Mulberry inn, in the beautiful Surrey countryside.  Owned by Chris Evans it is a heavenly little hideaway to escape to.

Now I realise that I’m so far behind on blogging, and have a hearty selection of about 8 other posts to write about I’ll have you know- but all in good time! For now I thought a bit of food porn wouldn’t go a miss. 20130711-102230.jpg






20130711-123128.jpgMoules-frites are my favourite dish – washed down with a bucket of wine. I’m a huge sea foody fan, however I’m generally quite careful about where in the UK I order them as one dodgy one can lead to not so nice repercussions as I’m sure you can imagine. My choice was spot on and these little critters were mouthwateringly good. I hear the pork belly wasn’t too bad either.




Both dishes were wiped clean and food comas set in. I definitely recommend this little country pub as a picturesque summer evening spot and its surrounding areas are perfect for a blissfully refreshing country stroll before tucking into some yummy rewarding treats.

And as it’s the time of year for Glorious Goodwood and all of its wonderfully petrol fuelled (or hay and hoofs) events, make sure you drop in en route for a glass of bubbles and a nibble…or of course continue on the party afterwards.


The Mulberry Inn | Petworth Road | Chiddingfold |Surrey | GU8 4SS



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