SAMANTHA WILLS Bohemian Bardot Ring

I was so excited when I stumbled across SAMANTHA WILLS while procrastinating over Instagram, because it’s undoubtedly the most magical jewellery brand if ever there were one. Her page is filled with beautiful and inspirational quotes, thought provoking images and most importantly jewels that not only inspire the sole, but your bank account too – at accessible prices there’s a little something to highlight everyone’s sparkle. The catch though, because there always is one, is that it’s only stocked in Australia, the Middle East and America – and being that I am terribly untrusting of a successful delivery from down under I wrote off the idea.

Unbeknown to me a friend who had spied my ‘Like’ activity on Instagram was plotting and scheming and last weekend presented me with a gorgeous Bohemian Bardot ring in white/gold, which I wore the next day to one of my lovely girly friend’s beautiful wedding at Cowdray Park. Lucky doesn’t even come close!








20130531-113129.jpgThis beautifully crafted brand is definitely for those girly girls with a sense of playfulness, passion, love, and excitement for life’s mysteries and exquisite, timeless pieces. If that’s you, make sure you indulge HERE, and for a daily dose of all things pretty follow her on Instagram @samanthawills.

A x


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