Top Ten Tips to Surviving Fashion Week

Over the last few years my fashion week attendance has been A* – although it may have dwindled somewhat since I have taken on more in the way of lifestyle writing as of late – but you name it I’ve done it. From glamorously sitting front row at Mary Katrantzou, not to mention Mark Fast with my lovely friend over at Stylish Miss, while sitting next to the likes of Julia Restoin Roitfield and Poppy Delevigne, to hard graft backstage at copious amounts of shows, playing newbie to the fashion world – yes I painted Jessica Stam’s nails for Matthew Williamson back in the day, and no I am not a nail technician in disguise, as an intern you just have to get stuck in and do whatever is thrown at you!


So with all of the above in mind and the fact NY is in full swing, and the London presentations a matter of days away, I have decided to put together this comprehensive (or so I like to think) guide to surviving the trials and tribulations of Fashion Week – I am no expert but I’m just sharing my knowledge to help those new to the scene.

1. Plan your daily looks in advance

This is the most important item on your to do list – it is FASHION week after all and regardless of the long days and dashing from one venue to the next, it must be done in style, disheveled or not disheveled. This will also make the getting ready process much easier. Once outfits are decided on, always have at least two back ups just in case you’re not happy with your decision on the day. Fail-safe outfits include a dress/jeans, blouse, blazer, heels, oversized clutch and lashings of accessories, which will carry you from day to night. But it’s fashion week – who wants to be fail safe!

Picture 5

2. Grooming is key

There’s no point in having a meticulously planned wardrobe if you haven’t worked on the beauty bag. Have a wash, cut and blow dry (or whatever else tickles your fancy – tie dye?) prior to FW, so your hair is fresh and ready to wow. A manicure is also imperative, whether it’s fierce red talons a la Rihanna or simple eau natural nails, make sure they are nicely presented. You may wish to plan your beauty looks to suit your outfits, a bright slick of lip colour one day might be replaced with a smokey eye the next.

3. Always carry flats

Tottering around in soaring stilettos can be wearing and damaging to your feet. When travelling distances across town to different show spaces a pair of flats will be your only saviour.


4. Eat well, sleep well

Be sure to fuel up on good healthy snacks and plenty of fluids, carry them in your bag and try your best not to skip too many meals – you’ll need all the energy you can get. Take time out to get the odd good nights sleep too as it won’t be something on your priority list, what with all the chic after parties you’ll be attending!

5. Invest in sturdy but chic outerwear

February chills are upon us and it’s not much fun darting about in sub-zero temperatures. Invest in a smart but practical coat and scarf – Zara have great options. But inevitably layering up isn’t the most attractive of prospects so you may have to suffer in the name of fashion and sport a cute leather jacket to ward off the critics.


6. Scheduling – the old fashioned way

If you’re like me then you’re old school and have to write everything down with pen and paper in order for it to register. In this case you’re fail safe item will be your filofax – fill it with everything you need to remember, where you need to be and when, that way you won’t miss a second of the excitement. Bonus point; its battery won’t die.

7. Packing your tote

Pack your bag for EVERY eventuality. Include makeup for touch ups throughout the day, phone, diary, camera, snacks, flats, over-sized sunnies, 2 pens (in case one runs out) and water – hydration hydration hydration! Sneak a clutch inside your tote so you’re evening ready and can leave large bags on entry to the all important after parties.


8. Smile

Most importantly carry your sense of humour everywhere. The days will be long and stressful and by the end of it you’ll be, well… exhausted. But remember the fun you’ll have and that attending fashion week is a privilege so many would give an arm and a leg for, make the best of it, network and mingle as you never know who you could get chatting to.

9. App app and away

Arm your smartphone with all the essential fashion week apps to keep abreast of the finer details throughout the week. Pimp up your smart phone with, to catch up with the shows you aren’t able to make it to and Shazam, so you can pick up on the great soundtracks used for the shows – it will list the artist, song title and album.


10. Go digital

If you’ve not quite got your foot in the door yet, and are desperate to see some of the shows, you can now stream the majority of them from your own home. Click HERE for the full LFW calendar and to check which shows are live. That way you can create your own schedule and tune in so as not to miss a thing.

Lastly, enjoy fashion week, see the best shows, drink the most delicious cocktails and have plenty of fun!



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