Sugary Sweet: Julien Plumart Salon du The

I am having major weekend withdrawals already and it’s only a matter of a day behind me! It began as a confused bundle of uncertainty as I simply couldn’t make my mind up about what to do. After 3 hours on the phone on Saturday morning to my gorgeous girly Louise, we decided perhaps it would be better to catch up in person and gossip the weekend away. So I hopped in the car and two hours later I found myself in the sunny Brighton lanes indulging in some serious girl time.

We began with a trip to the Chanel counter – note to self: when with Louise, stay AWAY from beauty concessions of all forms or else you WILL spend! And sure enough I did. I treated myself to two of the gorgeous items in the SS13 limited edition beauty range (post to follow) – and I don’t regret it one bit!

Now, retail therapy must always be washed down with tea and cakes and I can tell you there’s no more perfect place to do so than the newly opened Julien Plumart Salon du The – a chic boutique patisserie based in the heart of Brighton, with a name as sweet as the treats on offer!


Louise had told me it’s an absolute must visit and that I would LOVE it, but little did I know our city-by-the-sea was capable of harboring such a decadent little pastry house.




The shelves and counter were lined with the most delicious looking macarons, cakes, pastries, truffles, and pretty much anything you would find in a Parisian alternative – it all looked terribly naughty but tantlisingly delicious.

Due to the fact the main cafe had only opened the day before, savouries were not an option so we were forced to settle with macarons (it’s a hard life) – I might add, the selection of flavours was extensive, and even a mojito flavoured option was available for the cocktail lovers out there. We followed the yummy treats with the freshest of mint tea while planning our next escapades over the coming months.













They say that dining is in the details, and in this case it truly is. From the cascading chandeliers and fuchsia coloured walls boasting inspiring little quotes in both Anglaise et Française to the crystal bobble glasses, and pretty roses mixed with etheral orchids throughout, it will fast become the newest hot spot in town and is the ideal place for endless girly liaisons.





After photographing the majority of the building (naturally), there was only one thing I’d missed – the plumbing! And as suspected it was as lovely as the other square feet of the cafe. Orchids an’ all.


I highly recommend a visit to this adorable little place and assure you that you will be welcomed with the loveliest of service – but I must warn… there is a strong chance you may leave a stone or two heavier so it might be wise to schedule it in before a gym session.

Julien Plumart Salon du The

27 Duke Street | Brighton | BN1 1AG | t: 07810 647930

Enjoy x

All images my own except 2 borrowed from Lou, (Images 2 & 5) – thankyou gorgeous!


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