All Princesses go to Harrods

We all fantasize about being a Disney princess – don’t tell me you’ve never allocated a character to your best friend, the one that looks most like her? I have! Or continuously reminded each other that ‘All girls are princesses’ (courtesy of The Little Princess), yep. My best friend Jess has for the entirety of the time I have known her, taken on the role of Cindarella, (this may have something to do with the fact that being such hardworking teens we both worked at M&S Café Revive, and on a regular basis I would find her scrubbing the floors after closing time) so it only seemed appropriate, what with her blonde locks, to give her this privilege. I know what you’re wondering… which all singing all dancing princess was I? – Why Belle of course!

Thankfully Harrods put their thinking caps on, just as we were about to swap all hope of ever being ACTUAL Disney princesses for the mundane task of being adults, and have created a magnificent Disney pop-up shop on the fourth floor – and so our dreams of ballgowns, handsome princes and glass slippers came to life.

Not being one to miss out on something as exciting as this, I tottered along with two of my closest girly friends Louise and Amelia to experience the wonderment – and that it was! On arrival little did we know we’d each be leaving with our very own pair of Limited Edition Cinderella Slippers – only 10,000 were made ranging from small sizes for little people going all the way up to adult – yes I think we were the only wannabe 10 year old’s surrounded by tots. And although the chances of being seen wearing them out are rather slim, they are a great collectors piece to hand down to your daughters and granddaughters.

One-by-one we each had our shoes matched to our feet and our very own ‘shoe fitter’ was in his element watching us as we were all excitement and giggles, prancing around as if we had been transported to a magical fairytale land.

The Disney installation not only caters for the little princesses out there, it covers everything from Mickey Mouse and Cars to Buzz Lightyear and his friends – so those Disney Princes don’t get bored whilst waiting for us to buy yet MORE shoes.

…And not only do they have this magical extravaganza in store, Harrods have also created Disney themed Christmas window displays with gowns designed by the likes of Versace and Valentino (Cinderella & Belle) – but that deserves a blog post all of its own. Watch this space…

Thankyou Harrods for making our day so incredible, it’s definitely something that will go in our little box of treasures, I mean it’s not every day one gets to be a REAL Disney Princess. I’m only sad my very own little Cindarella couldn’t be there as she is more than occupied galivanting around Dubai – don’t worry Jess, I soaked up enough Princessness to bring out to you!

And because every tale needs one – the moral of the story? Who needs a Fairy Godmother when you’ve got Harrods!

Harrods | 87-135 Brompton Road | London | SW1X 7XL | 020 7730 1234


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