Best in Beauty: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish

With the ice cold, miserable and no doubt snowy weather on its way, this time of year is always a challenge to find a suitable face wash that protects from a devilish winter. No matter what I do or how many pints of water I drink, I still have incredibly dry, weather affected skin. On my search for a remedy I remembered I used to use Liz Earle’s Cleanse & Polish and loved it so much that in preparation I have taken it upon myself to start using it again, and the results? Silky smooth skin to battle the harshest of temperature changes.
Firstly massage the cleanser with its rich creamy texture suitable for all skin types, onto your face (the lady at the beauty concessions also kindly gave me some massage techniques to get the toxins flowing), you then simply polish off using warm water and the pure muslin cloth provided to gently dislodge skin cells and all traces of makeup helping to reveal clean, soft and with any luck, radiant skin!
Follow with this with your daily moisturiser and I guarantee you’ll be fresh faced with no hibernation necessary!

What do you think?

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